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>> happy halloween. >> eric: we start a new hour with the fox news ark letter. we have been reporting, the monster hurricane threatening millions of americans on the eastern seaboard on a path to strike the northeast, as a super storm. we will take a live look at the weather radar. hurricane sandy is tracking north, set to combine with two major winter storms and a full moon, which makes the tides even higher. we are being warned that the situation is very serious and could be the most serious weather event that the northeast has seen in decades. >> jamie: good morning, everyone. >> eric: sandy battering the southern states right now, pounding north carolina with powerful winds and rains. and sending massive wave, crashing ashore. people in delaware, bracing for the storm to strike there. communities along the coast
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under a mandatory evacuation order. we have fox team coverage with peter doocy live on the ground. first, let's go to our chief meteorologist in the fox extreme weather center. rick, they are saying this could be reminiscent of the storm of 'threat 38 that killed 30 people. could it be? >> reporter: types are different. but this will absolutely be probably the strongest storm for places like north jersey, new york city and long island that anybody has ever experienced, to put that into perspective for you. a very strong, incred iible, daicialtion, potentially deadly storm we are watching. a very interesting or annoying technicality is coming out of the national weather service, and the national hurricane center. tell not be a hurricane. and so when it makes landfall -- meaning meteorologically, it will be a nor'easter, so while it is now hurricane sandy, it won't be a hurricane when it
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comes ashore. the national hurricane center is -- will not be issuing advisories for it, therefore, no hurricane warnings have been posted. but the impacts and the effects across the northeast will be every bit as bad as a significant hurricane here. so because you are want hearing hurricane warning, tell happen. what is happening, local weather service offices are issuing local wind advisories, to central appalachians to the northeast, high wind warnings, a big inland event. i want to show you the wind field. those are winds, 30 miles per hour. darker blue is 50-mile-per-hour storms. right now, we have the 30-mile-per-hour storms. by the morning, we have 50-mile-per-hour winced plus, in new york city, down towards philadelphia, pork towards d.c., watch this, the storm comes inside, we have 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds in chicago. and also way down across the
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southeast. >> eric: wow, that's astounding. we will be all over at this time next few days. >> jamie: mandatory evacuations looping the coast of delaware, 50,000 residents have been told get out of sandy's pass. peter doocy is in delaware, peter, sounds like the winds are picking up? >> reporter: the winds are picking up. but not a lot of rain. and the waves all day have been huge. right now, the tide is pretty low. so some beach has been revealed and for the 50 time all day, we have seen people venture out onto the beach. but for the most part, the winds have picked up enough that a lot of people on the boardwalk, taking peculiars of what is this historic storm have started to head away from the coast. about 9 hours from now, the governor here in delaware wants everybody in this area and along the coast and in low-lying areas
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to head inland and to head to shelters. one hour from now, noon eastern. three shelters are going to open up at school, they all have beds, food and emotional counselors on hand, according to the red cross because they're expecting some significant property damage here. and that obviously is going to shake a lot of people up. but you see the windows boarded up and ground-level shots, not a lot of people out. but the people who are out are want coming much further than the line of the boardwalk, which was refurbished with $5.5 million of stimulus money. it will be the first thing to be hit if the waves come in and do damage later o. no rain, really yet. but it is getting colder and it's about to get really, really wet. >> jamie: peter, be careful. eric. >> eric: a note for folk who is are planning to travel in the coming days.
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several airlines -- delta, united and american -- they ar say they -- going to waive fees for passengers who are forced to change their flight, starting monday, tuesday and wednesday, because of the hurricane. typically, airlines can charge $150 under normal circumstances if you change your ticket. airline officials are urging all travelers to check the status of your flights. right now, there are no plans to close any airports, but you know, eventually, that will happen. we will keep you updated over the coming days. being prepared is everything with this kind of weather event. coming up, a spokesman for the american red cross will join us for important safety tips and advice on how to get ready. >> jamie: massive hurricane sandy could impact the upcoming presidential election, but isn't slowing last-minute efforts to
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get votes in swing states. there will be several rallies in ohio. and the president travels to florida. we go live to washington with the roundup. hey, molly. >> reporter: yes, the president will leave tonight, fly to florida, do a campaign event in florida tomorrow and fly back to d.c. to monitor the storm. because of sandy, the president has cancelled a stop in virginia tomorrow and one in colorado for tuesday. the white house says president obama is getting regular updates on the storm and said the federal emergency management agency, fema, has already deployed teams and pre-staged resources to potentially affected states and fema is in close contact with states up and down the east coast, to make sure there are no unmet needs. one concern for both campaigns is that the storm could hinder early voting in ohio, north
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carolina and virginia. one democratic senator said this about the impact on the president's campaign. >> the storm will throw havoc into the race. i was supposed to be with the president special president clinton on monday. that rally has been cancelled. but i think that virginia is ready to go to the polls and i think the president will carry virginia. >> reporter: due to the upcoming storm, governor romney cancelled evens in virginia. instead, he will link up with his vice-presidential runningmate in ohio and the two of them will campaign in that key state. one romney supporter, former house speaker newt gingrich had sharp words for the president over his campaigning scheduling choices over the consulate in libbia, compared to today. >> you notice, he is canceling his treps over the hurricane. he didn't cancel his trips over benghazi. have you to wonder between benghazi, the price of gasoline and unemployment, how much
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burden the president's going to carry into the last week. >> reporter: governor romney cancelled his events in virginia so police and emergency personnel could focus on storm preps and not election event preps. >> jamie: molly, thank you? >> jamie, several big swing states are in play for the presidential election. together, they'll likely decide who sits in the oval office the next four years. joining us now we have two analysts. toney and martin, welcome. tony, let me start with you. what state do you believe we should especially look out for that could be the key? >> obviously, ohio is the quickest and the most honest answer to that. but we have to look at the totality of the upper midwest territory that has become the critical part of this campaign. it's the battlegrunted for romney and the firewall for president ork bottom a. but the president's lost a lot of ground in florida, a lot of ground in virginia, probably new hampshire
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and colorado. he did not anticipate having his final days of the campaign spent defending iowa, wisconsin and now possibly michigan, pennsylvania and now we have a republican ad in min mip. so that shows the trajectory. romney is on offense and obama is on defense in the final week. >> eric: obama on defense, he went to new hampshire and only got four electoral votes in new hampshire. he went up there to grab four. is that desperation or protection? >> it's protection. look, this race is going to be very close. everybody recognizes that. could come down to a few votes, a few states. i want to comment on what is going on with the weather. this actually has political implications. first of all, the public is going to be focused on the storm the next three or four days. it will take the focus off the election. it will be harder for the candidates to get their messages out. also, obama has the lead in
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virginia, 4-point lead. he's ahead in ohio. and to the extent that this -- the weather conditions in those states take the attention away from the election tmay freeze things in place. i think obama is going to win both virginia and ohio, i think it will be very, very close. i think this election's going to go doub to the wire. i suspect you will see both candidates as they readjust their schedule because of the weather, trying to pick the state where is they can have an impact. colorado is clearly in play. visix grandchildren in colrady on, i spend a lot of time out there. it's a classic swing state. i have a feeling, as the weather's bad on the east coast, you will see candidates in that part of the country. it is interesting, the implications of something like this. this is totally unexpected. but it's going to go right down to the wire. >> eric: you mentioned the storm, you mentioned the swing states. you have a bunch in the path of hurricane sandy.
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florida, ohio, new hampshire, virginia, north carolina, nevada and wisconsin escapes. ohio could get slammed with some winds. tony, what does that do, as martin says, what impact could the storm have? you think it's a beautiful, sunny day, candidates love that. when it storm, people stay home? >> look, the election is a week away from the majority of the storm am i will agree with the congressman, this will be a very close election. anyone who says otherwise is imposing their own fantasies fas from one side of the other. where i disagree is where the race is frozen. romney is edging the president out in most of the polls, especially virginia. this is what democrats have convinced themselves of. have you seen this in the president's strategy. they think the president's ahead. in 11 national polls, romney has more than 50% and in one poll,
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barack obama has over 50%. in a poll today, romney has a 60-point lead among enthusiastic voters. so i think if the race is frozen in time, it's to the governor's advantage. >> the ppp poll shows among independent voters, a 16-point advantage. 66% disapprove of barack obama. to the degrethere are persuadable voters in the tight election contests and the small number 7 states. it is right now, looking like those are going to break toward governor romney. >> we will see, the issue is clearly favorable for obottom a. the auto buyout has hurt romney significant. the issue environment in virginia, i live in northern virginia, gifavorrable to obam a. i think you will see a very interesting election night. i think we will be looking at a
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few of these states. we may be up very late. but obama is doing well in the states he had to win to get over 270 electoral votes. i think romney is hurt by some of the outrageous things that the senate candidates in missouri and indiana have said about a woman's right thochoose. romney hasn't been able to pull away from those candidates. i think there is issues that are working very much in obama's favor. we will see how this thing turns out. >> congressman, he holds a different position than those candidates -- >> his ads are still up in indiana. >> what's more important -- [overlapping dialogue] >> eric: we have the clock counting down. one thing's for sureto be a lon, election night, probably. thank you so much. >> jamie: eric, as each day goes by, new questions are raised about the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya.
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republican senators are now demanding that the obama administration declassify and even make public their surveillance video that turns out was recorded in thedale deadly raid. it is believed there may be audio recordings, of requests for help that night. perhaps the biggest question the republicans want answered was why was america not better prepared to defend a diplomatic compound in one of the most dangerous and volatile areas of the world, particularly on 9/11. would these recordings answer all the questions surrounding the administration's response? let's bring in the former assistant secretary of defense, bing west. >> good morning. >> jamie: i imagine although three prominent republicans are asking for these, that they are not alone? >> i think the american public really is not focused on this because only fox is covering it. but when you stand back on 9/11,
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our ambassador was killed in a countriy that that we had helped to free. it our national security system, the white house, the state department, and the pentagon didn't help them. and holy smokes, the system broke down. and the real issue is why the system broke down. >> jamie: it sons like the allegations are that it broke down before the event, certainly during the event and after the event. senator mccain has said that the pentagon wasn't even prepared to respond. how can that be? >> it cannot be. i'm a former marine. that's baloney that the pentagon is saying we could do nothing. your people whose intrier motto is first to fight, our embassy that night when the attack was taking place, launched an aircraft, an aircraft they had, in tripply and it flew 400 miles
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and disgorged 6 american who is went right into the fight. our huge military base at sigonella, where we had marine keconsans waiting was 480 mile away. they never sent anybody. holy cow! that's a hugee failure. then we hear the state department and the president saying, well, it was a mob. well, if it's a mob, why are you afraid to send in our toughest marines? so the whole thing, jamie, doesn't make sense and they are hoping to push it under the rug until after the election and then everyone will forget about it. but the point about this is, our national security system failed. >> jamie: will the video or audio recordings shet enough light to prevent a tragedy like
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this from happening again, in your opinion? >> in my judgment, the audio track will show that the white house knew that there was an attack going on the real critical issue is the president says that he immediately ordered all available assets to help. the military would have put out an order from the president. there is no question with that. not only do we have the recordings, but i'm saying, show us the order! mr. president, if you said use everything available and our military immediately sent out the order, simply show us the order. i have grave reservations that there is no such order. that is the kind of coverup that really troubles me. >> jamie: as a marine, and a former assistant secretary of defense, what else do you think is going on? >> i think the military is very
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embarrassed, but i think our military at the top... either they are timid and i think maybe they are timid, or somehow, they have become so politicized that they can't stand up for them. but the idea that we didn't help an ambassador when he was dying and we didn't help a navy seal who kept calling for fire and we didn't give it to them, in my gym, that is inexcusable. kitell you if that happened at the company or the platoon level, people would be relieved of command. i don't see why generals and the president have a different standard for themselves than they insist the rest of us have with we are out fighting. >> jamie: bing west, it's a primg to have you on, sir. thank you. >> thank you, jamie. >> eric: you know, the super storm on her way, now bearing down on the most populated region of our nation. hurricane sandy, taking aim at
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the northeast, set to collide with two powerful storms. we can't stress this enough. officials say the storm is very serious and people need to take precautions. we'll have the latest informs and the warnings from our fox extreme weather center, coming up. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. in what world do potatoes, bacon and cheese add up to 100 calories? your world. ♪ [ whispers ] real bacon... creamy cheese... 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. 100 calories... [ chef ] ma'am seems they haven't been moving much lately.
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>> an umdate from the fox extreme weather center. the national hurricane center has released its latest advisory on hurricane sandy and says the storm is, quote, expected to bring life-threatening storm surges. this is very serious, folks. let's take a live look at the radar and the secretary of defense, leon panetta, has dreked any and all government support, from fema, including rescue helicopters, if needed. we will have regular updates throughout the rest of the hour. >> jamie: when you sit down for dinner and the phone starts ringing and it may be a debt collector. sometimes they even call you at work. if you are having financial trouble, you should 99 know, there is a way to get rid of offensive and sometimes illegal ways to try to get the money
8:24 am
that you owe. starting next year in january, the government will be able to oversee business practices as -- of the major collection agencies. i want you to know your rights, so you can take charge. patrick morris is the ceo of the american collectors association, it's great to see you. collectors are not always a bad term or bad people, they are doing their job. what can they do? whenurn the new regutions will they not be able to do? >> thank you, jamie. i appreciate you having me here on this busy news day. the essentially, what the bureau's new rule will allow is the new consumer bureau to come in and examine large participants as they define them. it doesn't really change the rights of consumers. consumers can still choose to not talk to debt collector, they can ask for verification.
8:25 am
we treat them with respect. and with fairness. >> jamie: are the practices going to be more fair to the consumer? >> well, the change with the bureau is to come in and start to examine some of the large participants and look at the internal controls and the compliance programs and how they deal with the consumers on the phone and things like that. i don't think the bureau's new rule will change the way that our collectors deal with folks on a day-to-day basis now. >> jamie: under the telephone consumers protection act, collectors can contact consume ors cell phones. a love people don't have land lines. with the job getting more difficult for debt collector, are they resorting to more desperate practices? >> now, they are prohibited from calling cell photocopies right
8:26 am
now. under the telephone consumer protection act, unless there is a prior business relationship -- >> jamie: patrick -- we have breaking news on the storm. stand by. we appreciate it. >> eric: michael bloomberg at the office of emergency management. they are closing the subways and buses in new york at sen o'clock p.m. tonight because of the storm itch that's the worst of the surge. but tides overnight this night will lead to flooding in low-lying coastal area, those that we designate as zoneay. there will be a period tomorrow at low tide, when there won't be a surge, but there will be a high tide. there won't be a lot of water. but the big one will be coming tomorrow night, having said that, the one tonight can do plenty of damage. so i don't want anybody to go to bed tonight thinking that they can spend tomorrow worrying about the night after. we have to take some prepipations today --
8:27 am
preparations today. we anticipate that the surge will hit a lot of low-lying areas and the possibility of flooding will continue into tuesday afternoon. in light of these conditions, i am going to sign an executive order, mandating evacuation of zone "a" areas. i am ordering that all the city's public schools be closed on monday. first, as to the evacuation zone. let me stress we are ordering this evacuation for the caste of 375,000 people who live in these areas. if you live in these area, you should should leave them this afternoon. low-lying area, zone "a," including coney island, manhattan beach and red hook and otheriars in brooklyn. all of the rockaways and hamilton beach special broad channel in queens, almost all the coastal areas of staten island, city ooh land, throtion throtion -- throgs neck and
8:28 am
battery park city and stretches of the waterfront and the lower east side and manhattan. do you want to find out if you live in zone "a"? call 311 or go to the city's web site and type in your address or give your address on the operator. they will tell you. if you live in one of the 26 public housing developments in zone "a," be aware that all elevators there will shut down at 7:00 p.m. tonight. so if really is important that you leave... this afternoon. also, the mta has announced they will start shutting down service to subways at 7 o'clock tonight, buses at 9:00 tonight, if you need mass transit to leave zone ancht, there is a time line, where youville to find another way to get out. let me stress, if you don't evacuate, you are putting your own -- you are not just putting
8:29 am
your own life in danger, you are also endangering the lives of our first responders who may have to come in and rescue you. we hope you don't face those dire situations, but you could. my concern is for all the people, particularly for the first responders, who are willing to put their lives on the line, but there is no reason to have extra risks because some people decided to wait it out and changed their mind. if you live in zone "a," the first option should be to seek shelter of homes of family and friends, outside of the zone "a." as of 9:00 a.m. this morning, we have opened 72 evacuation centers in public schools, around the city. you can once again find their locations by calling 311 or going to if you live in zone a. and do not have a safe place to stay with friend ors family out of zone "a," the shelters, the 72,
8:30 am
will have a place to sleep and meals and there will be room for pets. so take your pets. if you use a shelter, get there by public transportation. all the shelters do have at least one entrance for wheelchairs, but they may not have parking. so there may not be a place to put your cars. if you require further information, call 311 or fema or the web site of the mayor's office, for people with disabilities, which will also provide information about accessible transportation. i want to reiterate that this evacuation is mandatory. it is for your own safety. if you cannot evacuate, call 311 and we'll be sure to make sure somebody comes and helps you. now, we will not be in general evacuating patients in the hospitals in chronic care facilities in zone "a," although we have evacuated or in the process of evacuating a small hospital in downtown manhattan. the reason for all of this is
8:31 am
that these shelters have... the facilities have backup generators and it's dangerous to move people when they are elderly. on balance, we think they will be fine. everybody at the facilities have been contacted more than once, we believe it's an intelligent decision to leave them. teams at are at the facilities to make sure that the emergency generators are working and theysha they have backup fuel plies. yesterday, the facilities were ordered to increase staffing immediately. they have. -- new york city mayor michael bloomberg saying there are mass evacuations in the low-lying areas of queens and brooklyn. he ordered that in hurricane irene and thankfully, there were no problems at that time. but officials taking this very seriously, potentially flooding in brooklyn and queens on the
8:32 am
atlantic ocean and new york bay, as hurricane sandy bears down on the northeast. we will have continuing live coverage, throughout the hour.
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>> the fox extreme weather alert for you, the national hurricane center issuing the latest advisory on hurricane sandy, set to strike in the north evert. a rare super storm. the hurricane lashing north carolina with pounding winds and rain. massive waves are crashing ark shore on the outer banks. people in connecticut are bracing for the worst with the governor declaring a state of emergency there. let's return to our chief meteorologist. you know, rick, we heard mayor michael bloomberg ordering mandatory evacuations for low-lying areas in brooklyn and queens. you are talking about hundreds and thousands of people and shutting down the subway and buses. >> this happened last year in hurricane irene and it wasn't that big of know event.
8:37 am
this will be reversed. this will be the event they feared irene will be. it will be worse than the event they thought irene might be. it's an incredible storm. it is a hurricane right now, it is gaining energy from the warm water source it has here. but it is going to be tobegin a process of gaining energy from a cold air mass here across parts toward the eastern u.s., that combination will cause the storm to explode in its intensity. it is very strong. it is going to cause it to expand in its wind field. so we are talking about multi-facets to the storm. one is the rain. we are seeing the rain here across parts of the outer bank, with 5, 6 inches falling. but many areas will see 5 to 10 inches of rain. so there will be a lot of inland flooding. and the storm surge is the most deadly thing that comes from any kind of tropical storm. when have you a hurricane that comes into jersey, that puts the
8:38 am
biggest and worst of the storm surge here to that upside-down l-shape. the water has nowhere to go and it causes potentially catastrophic flooding in new york city and the but roughs area, that's why the eevacuations have been ordered. the wind, it will be a wind event for eastern third of the country, expect power outages to millions of people and will likely take ever a week to get back online and that means election day. >> eric: we have robo calls that power could be out seven 7 to 10 days. >> jamie: speaking of very serious, you don't want to wait until a day or two before a storm to get yourself ready. you should always have a kit prepared. but here to it'll help us out for people who maybe haven't taken all the steps we need, we have a spokesperson for the american red cross. she is not just here. she has brought great examples.
8:39 am
years ago, i invested in a noaa radio. it is not hand cranked like this. how important is it? >> this is a critical piece of this preparedness. we encourage folks to have the hand-crank or a battery-operated radio. make sure have you extra batteries. very important, if have you power outages, you are not able to turn the tv on, the radio is a very essential tool to get the communication that you need. >> jamie: clearly, you recommend snacks and food and probably a lot of us will end up eating halloween candy. but i thought this was great. i have never seen this. emergency drinking water. viseen the pellets that you can put in to purify water, after a tsunami. but where do you get this? do you buy this now? >> right now, we recommend going to your local super store, local gas station, local food market, buy as much water as possible.
8:40 am
>> jamie: how much do you recommend? >> one gallon per person, for day. so if you have a family, plan appropriately. very important to have that water because you don't know if you are going to be able to have water for brushing your teeth and other essential items that you need water for. >> jamie: first aid kit, flashlights, those are the things we think of. what are the things you may not be thinking? >> you need to plan, make sure have you your electronic devices and the chargers that go with them. you don't know how long the storm will be going on and hoying you may be away from your home if you evacuate. we recommend that everybody has an emergency preparedness kit. this at least for 3 days. but we recommend these are the basic items. a first aid kit. an emergency blanket, maps. personal hygiene item, cell phone, radio, batteries are key. flashthroots. but again, this is a -- this is
8:41 am
a kit that we recommend the basic items. >> jamie: can we get it at your web site? >> you can. but we encourage to you build this now, go to the store now, before the storm makes landfall. also, make sure you tailor that to your family needs, do you need important medical document, proof of address, you need children's medical information, if you need baby diapers, formula, pripgs irk the red cross does an incredible. every dollar gets spent to help people. but have you three storms aming together at the same time. the elevators will be out, the lights will be out. there will be trees in the way. how will you get to all the people who need you? >> the number-1 thing we will do is we have all of our volunteers in a safe area. once it is safe for them to go in, they will go out in teams and assess the damage and provide relief supplies.
8:42 am
and we have shelter locations, go to red cross dot org. but you did address a very important issue. this is a very large storm. it could cost us a lot of money and last a very long time. we rely on the financial donation of the american people. we encourage people to make a financial donation. >> if you want to help -- and i would encourage to you, because you never know when you will need the red cross, call or go to the web site. and you can make a huge difference. you are there for us. we are there for you. thanks for coming in. i hope everybody take its seriously, heed the call, listen to the warnings and evacuate if you are asked to. good luck. thanks for the work you do. >> thank you. >> eric: good luck to all of us the next few days. >> coming up, prosecutorsor watch for possible voter fraud as election day approaches. what officials are doing to take
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>> eric: to the voter fraud unit. there are several investigations ongoing in virginia, florida, colorado, officials say, they have found more noncitizens on their voting roles. how will they protect our election? we have a representative from reno, mr. secretary of state, always good to see you. welcome. >> thank you for having me 92 nevada is a watched state. what measures have you taken and do election officials across the country do to take to try to prevent a possible prod. >> in neverland, we have an election integrity task force,
8:48 am
with multi-jurisdictional, federal investigator, local law enforcement and attorney generals, we have a command center and people can fill out complaints to the extent that they see election law violations and we pursue those aggressively. i was a former prosecutor, prosecuting jay-walking all the way up to murder. but these are not jay-walking cases, because if you have stolen a vote, you have stolen liberty. we take it very seriously. we won't rest, we will pursue you until you are facing tough justice behind bars. >> eric: you did that with a.r.r.n., you get a conviction from a.r.o.r.n., with the voter registration. you talk about other groups. what have you heard, what do you fear? how can people prevent problems? >> we had a lot of allegations about voter fraud, which
8:49 am
surprised me but, this is a bathgrunned state, so we are seeing a lot of out-of-state resources here. we have aggressive investigations in place. we are at the ready on election day. if there are instances of voter fraud and intimidation, challenging people, illegally, attempting to suppress the vote there, we will go after them, aggressively, they can expect to see law enforcement. >> eric: and your advice to people, when they go to vote, no matter where you vote? >> remain vig laboratory. cast your ballot. we want to see as high of a turn out as possible and maintaining the integrity of the process because ult malt, faith in the electoral process is what allows our peaceful transition of power. the public has to be assured that their votes are counted fairly and accurately. >> eric: ross miller, we thank you for coming on and all the work you do, dealing with this
8:50 am
issue. there is our address, to the secretary of state office, voture fraud is our address. we are on it, leading up to the election. we'll be right back. oh...there you go. wooohooo....hahaahahaha! i'm gonna stand up to her! no you're not. i know. you know ronny folks who save hundreds of dollars switching to geico sure are happy. how happy are they jimmy? happier than a witch in a broom factory. get happy. get geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more.
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>> jamie: a fox news extreme weather alert, the northeast bracing for hurricane sandy, evacuations ordered for parts of new york city and the surrounding areas. we go live to long land, an area that saw significant damage from hurricane irene, 14 months ago, you are in long beach? >> reporter: yeah. we near long beach. nassau county residents who live in low-lying areas areas and stm surge zones are asked to voluntarily evacuate. authorities say now is the time to move because once the winds that are already picking up speed, once they get up to 55 miles per hour, the debris will start to fly around and it could be deadly. we have seen folks, filling up sandbags, working to prepare for sandy. mother nature really kicking up the waves behind me, which is a surfers' delight. shelters here in long beach, obviously, we have a trekker here. we are on video, right now.
8:55 am
having hurricane parties, apparently. shelters in long beach are opening at 1:00 this afternoon. the red cross is in place, assisting residents as they brace for sheets of rain and a storm surge that could cause the power lines to topple. long beach, of course, flooded last year when irene barreled through. forecasters are expecting hurricane sandy to be a drawnout super soaker and bring more surge. and new york governor cuomo, announcing new york city buses, subways and rail service will be suspended, 59, starting at 7:00 tonight. this is tough on the nation's largest subway-riding population of 5 million people. governor cuomo, announcing that 1,175 troops will be mobilized in response to hurricane sandy and a handful of other states have declared states of emergency. new jersey, governor chris christie last year, ahead of irene, famously telling his
8:56 am
residents to get the hell off the beach, is asking residents to heed the warnings and take sandy seriously. >> jamie: thanks. >> eric: the next advisory from the national hurricane center is expected to be issued in a few hours. we will keep you posted with the very latest, throughout the day here. . that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios
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>> eric: if

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